Our principles for collaboration with other Roman organisations are following:

I. Res Publica Romana is neutral

Res Publica Romana is a neutral organisation. We are not aligned politically or religiously into any direction. Our aim is to work for the ancient and modern Roman culture in all its forms.

II. Res Publica Romana is not alone

Res Publica Romana recognises the fact that there are great variety of different sorts of official and non-official organisations working for the same goal.

III. Res Publica Romana is flexible in cooperation

Res Publica Romana recognises the fact that each organisation is an unique partner in our common work for romanitas.

IV. Res Publica Romana welcomes everyone

Res Publica Romana does not discriminate citizen applications based on any criteria. We offer different levels of citizenship to suit different needs. 

More information about RPR policy towards other Roman organisations and cooperation with them can be read from Edictum Curulis Communis VI 2769.

Our on-going collaboration

Res Publica Romana currently collaborates with following organisations and groups. If you want yours to be listed here, please contact us.

Nova Roma

Nova Roma is an international cultural organization that aims to restore the Roman nation reborn and assembled in a symbolic, spiritually sovereign republic with the purpose to revive the institutions, customs, culture and religion of the ancient Roman people, to reconstruct and model an ideal Roman state in form of an international res publica, a commonwealth of citizen community, and to become the new Roman people of our age.

Nova Roma is more than a historical recreation society, although we are that. We are more than a Roman religious organization, although we are that, too. We are more than a classical studies group, but that falls within our purview as well. We are nothing less than a sovereign nation; an attempt to re-create the best of classical Rome (with a few compromises to modern times), and we invite you to join us by applying for citizenship today.


Nova Roma is dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. The activities of Nova Roma as an organization are focused on the following objectives:

· the study, practice and promotion of the Roman religion and the cultus deorum,

· the practice and promotion of Roman reenactment,

· the supporting of the worldwide re-enactor communities,

· the promotion of Roman culture and knowledge in general,

· the supporting and practice of living Latin language and the promotion of Latin,

· academic work and all forms of study on Romanitas,

· supporting and providing an international network for other groups who share the same mission of promoting Roman history, culture, arts, language, literature, virtues and religion,

· reconstructing the civic life of the Roman republic and its institutions for a modern audience,

· building a living Roman community of friendship and brotherhood where members support and respect each other,

· serving as the international home of the Roman nation reborn.

The very long term goal of Nova Roma is to build a Roman city, a historical reconstruction, which can serve both as a Roman reenactment center and tourist attraction for full Roman immersion, and as a world capital of Nova Romans, with the possibility for those interested even to live there a fully Roman way of life (with reasonable and expectable modern concessions).

Nova Roma invites all sympathizers who would like to support Nova Roma to join as a fellow citizen and to join the Nova Roma Facebook group.

Roman Republic

The Roman Republic is a unique cultural national community which is represented by the registered non-profit corporation called the Roman Republic Cultural Group.  Our basic and fundamental principles are outlined in our Declaration.  Those who become members (also referred to as citizens) are provided the opportunity to live as Romans and to carry on the legacy of the eternal city!

What separates us from other “interest groups” or historical reenactment organizations is that we seek to incorporate Roman virtues and culture into our everyday lives, to follow the Roman way (Romanitas).  When it comes to Roman culture we seek to live and breathe restored cultural practices, from the ancient Roman virtues, to art, philosophy and religion.  

We wholeheartedly believe Romanitas of antiquity laid the foundation and strengths of today’s modern western culture.  Because of this we seek to embrace and live the old ways as much as possible while acknowledging the modern world and progress made.

We strive to exist as much offline as we do online. Citizens gain access to a multitude of resources to assist in living as a Roman and learning about ancient Rome. Beyond mere resources we also provide an active Roman community within our Republic.  You will encounter many interesting people who share many of the same passions on Rome. We welcome you to join us in our adventure towards the restoration of a national community dedicated to Romanitas and ancient Roman culture! Read more


Pomerium è un’associazione culturale no-profit con lo scopo di supportare ed organizzare attività di studio, ricerca e divulgazione storico archeologica nell’ambito di Roma Antica ed in particolare dell’età repubblicana.

In collaborazione con strutture ed organizzazioni nazionali ed internazionali, enti pubblici ed istituzioni, Pomerium organizza progetti di ricerca e conservazione del patrimonio storico-archeologico di epoca romana. L’Associazione fornisce servizi per la realizzazione di progetti culturali ed eventi di rievocazione storica, servizi di comunicazione e multimediali e supporto ai lavori di tutela del patrimonio archeologico della cultura antica.

Ai Soci, Pomerium offre la possibilità di approfondire la propria passione su Roma Antica tramite attività culturali, visite guidate, eventi dal vivo, servizi Internet di community, partecipazione a progetti e la possibilità esclusiva di usufruire di servizi ed attività a condizioni vantaggiose. Read more.

Roma Aeterna

Roma Aeterna is a group of individuals dedicated to the study of the ancient Roman culture and gods.

The group is founded by a sacerdos Liberi et Liberae (and Classicist) and a current Sacerdos to Asclepius. Roma Aeterna is aimed at establishing a temple to the ancient gods, where people may study, worship, and to promote the cultural and spiritual aspects of Rome.

The goal is to raise awareness of the ancient cultures by building a temple, library, and inn where people of all ethnicities, religions, and cultures are welcome.


Our goals are:

1. To raise awareness and promote the study of the ancient religions and gods, in a safe and friendly environment.

2. To raise enough money to construct a temple and library, open to all.

3. To promote a modern adaption of ancient Roman culture.

4. To coordinate activity focused on the ancient cultures and to provide useful information.

5. To work towards an international community of likeminded people, conducting rites, promoting relationships with other organizations, hosting discussions, providing information, and organizing meetings.

Read more