Your Roman project as your annual tax

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In Res Publica Romana we have a great way to pay annual tax (annual membership fee): registering your Roman project and working for it. In this post we take a look how this works and how you can save your annual tax money.

In Res Publica Romana you can concentrate into doing your Roman things and sharing them with others. The concept is really simple: just register your Roman project with the censores before end of August and you are exempt of paying annual tax of 10 Euros for this year!

The idea behind this is that we want to activate Roman community by giving opportunities to do concrete things and to share information about the wonderful Roman projects each of us have.

How to register your project and save your tax money?

  1. Send the censores your project plan before end of August 2771 (2018).
  2. Project plan must include following information:
    1. Your full Roman name
    2. Name of your project
    3. A short description of your project: its aims, duration and main tasks you have in it.
    4. A short description how your project will further the goals of the RPR.
    5. A permission or denial to advertise your project at the RPR website.
    6. Any attachments you wish to include (e.g. photos, plans, diagrams).
  3. You will be confirmed or asked for further by the censores and if accepted, your project will be published at the RPR website.

So it really requires just one short email to censores and you can both save your tax money as well as get visibility for your Roman project for free at the RPR website.

An example of a project plan

Your plan can be formatted as you wish, as long as the mandatory information is included, but here is one example.

Project plan: Roman clothes

Citizen: M. Nomen Nescio
Description: I will make Roman clothes for myself and my two children. The project includes one toga, three tunics and two bullae. I will buy needed materials and make the clothes myself. This project will take approximately 10 hours of work altogether.
How my project furthers RPR goals: With proper Roman dress we can take part into re-enactment events and my children will learn about Roman clothes and culture.
Permission to advertise: I allow RPR placing information about my project into RPR website.
Attachments: A photograph of the materials before work and plans for the clothes.

Examples of Citizenship projects

You can find current list of citizenship projects from our website Projects -page.