Sacellum Minervae Project

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The Senatus RPR has accepted the Sacellum Minervae Project as an official Res Publica Romana Project. The Sacellum Minervae Project is an unique project to build a rectangular sacellum. The sacellum will be dedicated for the goddess Minerva.

A research with Roman history, architecture and religion experts will be conducted to ensure historical correctness of the Sacellum and to determine physical details for construction plan. The religion experts are also consulted for proper establishing rites of Sacellum as well as rites for proper religious practices, like sacrifices, at the altar.

The Sacellum, once finished, will be open to public by order and used for educational and religious purposes. To our knowledge the Sacellum Minervae will be the only modern sacellum existing an as such an unique place for research and practice of Roman religion.

See our project introduction at SlideShare for more information. To take part into project or to make a donation, please visit our Facebook group.

Project plan

The project is divided into three phases: planning, preparing and construction.

In the planning phase, needed research is executed. This includes historical research about Roman Sacella and their architectonical details, as well as rites for establishing and performing worship. Based on these, historically accurate plans and blueprints will be produced and calculation made of needed construction materials and final budget of the project.

In the preparing phase, the sacred area will be created, building materials ordered and other preparatory work will be made and a website will be fully opened for the project. The website of the project will also be permanent place of information about the sacellum.

In the construction phase, the sacellum will be built.

The ultimate project schedule will depend on the schedule of the research part and of the needed budget and fund raising to meet it. Due the nature of the project, the plans and budget must be fully ready before any building operations can begin.

Tentative schedule for the project is:

July 2017 – April 2018: planning phase
April 2018 – June 2018: preparing phase
June 2018 – August 2019: construction phase


Any help in planning the sacellum, doing research, and preparing the construction site and help in actual construction is most warmly welcomed.

To take part as volunteer help for the project, please visit our Facebook group and tell how you could help.

For those who are unable to take part into actual work, a donation campaign is offered. The donation campaign consists of three levels:
-by making a 100 Euro donation your name (or organisation name) will be included in the altar itself
-by making a 50 Euro donation your name will be included into a list of donators displayed outside the sacellum
-by making a 25 Euro donation your name will be included in a list displayed only at the project website.

The project website will include names all donators and other project staff, with those names of the altar itself displayed at the every page of the website. To make a donation, please contact for instructions.