Cooperation between RPR and Roma Aeterna

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We are very happy to announce a cooperation between RPR and Roma Aeterna!

Here is their introduction:

Roma Aeterna logo

Roma Aeterna is a group of individuals dedicated to the study of the ancient Roman culture and gods.

The group is founded by a sacerdos Liberi et Liberae (and Classicist) and a current Sacerdos to Asclepius. Roma Aeterna is aimed at establishing a temple to the ancient gods, where people may study, worship, and to promote the cultural and spiritual aspects of Rome.

The goal is to raise awareness of the ancient cultures by building a temple, library, and inn where people of all ethnicities, religions, and cultures are welcome.

Our goals are:

1. To raise awareness and promote the study of the ancient religions and gods, in a safe and friendly environment.
2. To raise enough money to construct a temple and library, open to all.
3. To promote a modern adaption of ancient Roman culture.
4. To coordinate activity focused on the ancient cultures and to provide useful information.
5. To work towards an international community of likeminded people, conducting rites, promoting relationships with other organizations, hosting discussions, providing information, and organizing meetings.

RPR wishes Roma Aeterna great success in their work and we’ll hope to hear news about how their work is progressing in the near future.

Interested having your Roman group / community / association introduced here? RPR welcomes all Roman organisations as partners. Please read further information about our cooperation policy here and contact our consules for further information.