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The Nobilitas – Narratio Nostra -blog is the citizen project of L. Licinius Lucullus. The Nobilitas blog concentrates into Roman noble families during the last century of the Roman republic, roughly 150 – 50 BCE. The blog acts a publishing place for one of the main objects of the Nobilitas research project, the family relations chart, in which the selected leading families and their maritial connections with other families are presented in a linked family tree -format.

Added to the main chart, the blog also publishes updates on individual family charts and more in-depth articles about families, individuals and events in the Roman history.

Some of the most popular articles of the blog have this far included:

Servilia Caepionis Major: Family first

“Postquam Crassus carbo factus, Carbo crassus factus est”

Licinius married with Mucia and Mucius married with Licinia

The Chart of the Roman noble families of late republican period version 1.0

The rise and fall of the Valerii Flacci

You can access the Nobilitas -blog main page here.

Written by:
L. Licinius Lucullus
Consul Res Publica Romana

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