Prayer to Concordia

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I call upon you Goddess Concordia,

To be the evenhanded witness of our celebration of the New Year.

Bless us on our journey into the next year!


Goddess, I ask you to give me wisdom

And the strength to fulfill honorably my service as a consul,

Alongside my colleagues and devoted friends;

Please guide me as you have done until now

And favor Respublica Romana in all our endeavors.

May you show upon us your benevolence and

Grant us wealthy and unabashed days.


Concordia, listen to my prayers and accept the offerings!

May you enlighten all the decisions

And imprint the spirit of justice upon all matters.

I call upon you Goddess today,

I invoke your everlasting sense of justice

And thank you for the favors

That you have shown to us!

May you guide us through storms!

May you smile with us in the good times!


Laurel incense was offered to Goddess Concordia on the last day of this year.


Iulia Caesaris Cytheris Aege

Consul Respublica Romana