Res Publica Romana Smartphone App!

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Great news! We now have our own smartphone app that will install as a native app in Apple iPhone and Android phones and is accessible as html5 app in other smartphones.

In our own app you’ll find information about us and links to our all relevant online venues. It’s handy way to stay updated about this blog too!

How to get the app?

iPhone users, just click here in your iPhone’s Safari browser and install the app. It’ll install to your home screen in usual way. If your security settings don’t allow running apps acquired from the Internet, go to the Settings / General / Device Management and click allow for Ons Interactive Solutions.

Android and other platform users just go to our Appypie -site where you can download the app or run html5 -version in your phone.

L. Licinius Lucullus
Consul Res Publica Romana



This is how the app looks like after installing on a iPhone. Just click the Res Publica Romana icon to start the app, just like you start any other app on your phone!